Employment for Displaced Workers

Following the natural disasters that have impacted the Northern Rivers Region in 2022, the team behind Northern Rivers My Future Workforce have identified an opportunity to support both workers who have been displaced by the floods and employers seeking to reach people wanting work.

It’s free to take part in the Displaced Workers community whether you are a displaced worker or an employer.

For jobseekers

If your employment has been impacted by the flood events, we encourage you to join the Displaced Workers community on the My Future Workforce platform. You will be able to engage with employers offering employment packages suited to your needs.

For employers

Employers on the My Future Workforce platform can now recruit from the region where the position is listed, and to displaced workers from across the Northern Rivers region.

The Displaced Worker community provides employers with the ability to highlight supplementary incentives to people registered as displaced workers.

Displaced Workers collaboration

The Displaced Worker Community is a collaboration between the NSW Government, Regional Development Australia - Northern Rivers and My Future Workforce.

Get started today so that we can get the region working again.